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What are the purchase options

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There are 3 purchase options

  • Direct Purchase
  • Bidding
  • Reverse Auction

Direct buying

For purchases made in the aforementioned situation: Go to the product screen and click the product comparison option in the top right corner to compare a maximum of four products. choose the item (s). If the purchase price is less than $50,000, the customer may choose any item and add it to their shopping cart.

Bidding and Reverse Auction

  • Bidding: Bidding is when a person or business makes a competitive offer to determine the price of a good or service, or when they demand that something be done. A product or service's price or value is decided through bidding.
  • Reverse Auction: In a reverse auction, the roles of the buyer and the seller are switched. In a reverse auction, the sellers compete with one another for the buyer's business, and prices often decline as a result of the sellers' justified lower bids.