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Request for Quote (RFQ)

We offer a very adaptable instrument called a Request for Quote that may be applied to any kind of purchase. It can also be used as a tool for price discovery to determine the starting bid for an auction engine or to determine the price at the moment.

Indents & Requisitions Management

This application allows you to manage all of your Indents and Requisitions and enables Indent Aggregation so that you can get volume savings from suppliers by making bulk purchases or using our catalog-based sourcing tool.

Digital Certificates

You must need a valid Class 3 Digital Certificate to digitally sign your bid before submitting it online. We can provide one for you. Please visit www.Tenderdiary.com for further information.

Product Classification

We also classify products in accordance with international standards like the UNSPSC and CVC classification standards. You may gain more thorough spend information in this way.

Multiple User Access

We give you the option to purchase a "Multiple User License" since we know that our information is shared with many employees in your company, saving you time and simplifying your job.

Cost Effective

Membership costs for Tenders diary include unlimited access to searches and no additional fees for downloading documents or receiving tender alerts.