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TENDERS Alert & Bidding Process

Now is the end of your business for obtaining the right tender details. With over All Indian Tenders, Projects and Auctions being published by government, semi-government departments, and private from every corner of India, we ensure that you never miss any Tender of your category.

  • 100% Secure and Safe Input Data
  • Confidential bids to ensure you receive related bids
  • Access to complete tenders’ information, documents, and rectification tenders, projects, and auctions by email and the web around-the-clock.
  • PROJECTS - 100% Safety and Security for Your Data


Tenders Diary provides businesspeople with opportunities in the form of projects in the infrastructures of manufacturing, energy, mining, social, and transportation.

  • Specifics about New Projects
  • Keep up with ongoing projects
  • Contracts, Orders, and Tenders
  • Projects, Tenders, and Auctions via Email and Web Access
  • Daily Project News eAuctions information on investments Bidding process and alerts

E Auctions Alert & Bidding Process

Tenders Diary is an industry leader in India for helping you use eAuctions to obtain the best available pricing. To conduct price negotiations with suppliers successfully, you must make sure that you are comparing like with like, managing concurrent discussions, and giving all providers the same information to create a level playing field.

    • Increased purchasing and selling reach with an intuitive user interface that doesn't require any prior training.
    • Market efficiency has increased.
    • Provide providers with prompt feedback and clarification of their position in the market in comparison to other suppliers.
    • Increased confidence in the buyer's aim is a result of improved communication and data quality, which strengthens involvement.

Value Added Service

We understand that you require more services that will streamline your entire tendering process and open up new options for you. We meet all of your needs, from providing tender information through successful bid filing and outcome tracking.

  • Tender Documents
  • Opportunities for joint ventures and coalitions
  • Opportunities for Subcontracting
  • Offer Consulting

Joint Venture

With our assistance, choosing the ideal joint venture partner is now straightforward. We have a sizable supplier database that deals with many categories, as well as a special platform that can match you with the ideal partner in only a few days.


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  • Tenders Diary Services Private Limied
    Tender Alert Notification

    Specific Tender Notification of your business will be delivered through your mail

  • Tenders Diary Services Private Limied
    Tender Statistics

    Statistics & Analysis of your specific Business interest will be provided in different variant

  • Tenders Diary Services Private Limied
    Knowledge hub

    Tenders details and Standard documents about Public Procurement Terms and Procedure of various public sectors

  • Tenders Diary Services Private Limied
    Project Work

    Details about New Projects, and its Progress status will be provided via Web and mail alerts