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mes registration service in chennai

What is MES – Military Engineer Services?

MES stands for Military Engineer Services, which offers the Armed Forces back-line engineering support. It is a leading construction company and one of the foundations of the Indian Army's Corps of Engineers. In addition to building the administrative home for the three Services and the related organisations of the Ministry of Defence, it is in charge of developing the strategic and operational infrastructure outside of major roads. Over 600 stations make up the MES, which are dispersed throughout India's mainland and island regions. It has a presence throughout India and supports various Army, Air Force, Navy, and DRDO forces with engineering.

MES Operations Process

The MES Works Procedure has undergone many changes and has accumulated experience over time. After a while, it became known as "Military Work Procedure Both of these work’s procedures were repealed in 1968 when the "Revised Works Procedure" was published ". The first Defence Works Procedure (DWP), also known as DWP 1986, was published in June 1986. A committee headed by the Additional Secretary was established by the MoD in 2004 to update the DWP 1986. The updated DWP 2007 was released on June 21, 2007, and it is still in effect today.

mes registration service in chennai

mes registration service in chennai
Functions of MES Enlistment Registration

  • Give the central government advice on any issue involving the reduction of air and water pollution and the improvement of air quality. Functions of MES Enlistment Registration
  • It is organised to plan projects that are carried out through contracts and are overseen by officers and staff from the Corps of Engineers, both combatants and civilians.
  • The Engineer-in-Chief, who advises the Ministry of Defence and the three Services on operational and peacetime building activities, has overall supervision over the MES.
Importance of MES Enlistment Registration

  • MES is the only construction company in the nation that does all construction-related duties, including the building of homes, offices, hospitals, highways, runways, and marine structures like docks and harbours throughout the nation, including border regions.
  • Along with traditional buildings, MES also plays a significant role in the development of sophisticated and complicated labs, factories, workshops, hospitals, airfields, runways, and hangars as well as dockyards, wharves, and other marine constructions.
  • It also takes care of all the many requirements that are related to it, including sewage treatment, cold storage, power and water supply, and air conditioning.
  • The MES keeps the built-up infrastructure, assets, and facilities in a usable condition and, in some situations, also operates them.
  • It helps in creating the nation and preventing disasters.
  • Green technology, renewable energy utilization, and energy discourse are all incorporated into the MES Enlistment Registration.
mes registration service in chennai

mes registration service in chennai
Benefits of Enlisting in MES

  • The MES makes a substantial contribution to both catastrophe preparedness and nation development. The National War Memorial, among other significant projects, have been given to MES. These projects are essential for the operational effectiveness of the Defence Forces and include significant infrastructure projects for the three Services.
  • There are numerous solar energy power projects underway across the nation. To guarantee future buildings that are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly, GRIHA standards are being imposed, and LED lighting is being used in all developments.
  • The MES rose to the occasion during two significant natural catastrophes that the nation experienced, Cyclone "HUD HUD" and the floods in Jammu and Kashmir, which severely damaged the stations. The MES quickly resumed the external services.
  • MES teams also offered crucial technical support during the Nepal earthquake to hasten the restoration of the power supply.

MES Enlistment - Registration Category of Work

One or more of the following categories of work will need the use of contractors.

  • Roads and Buildings
  • Runways and Pavements for Sewage Disposal and Water Supply
  • Work in the Marine and Harbor
  • Works with Low Tension Electricity (up to 1100 Volts)
  • Works With High Tension Electricity (excluding 33 KV)
  • Extra-High Voltage and 33 KV Installations
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning lifts
  • Incinerators and Cranes Operated by Electricity
  • Mechanical Laundry Water and Effluent Treatment System Fire Fighting and Fire Detection
  • Furniture manufacturing, engineering handling, engineering stores, and transportation, horticulture, landscaping, and information technology services
  • E/M Installation Repair of Transport Vehicles: Operation and Maintenance
  • Services for Energy Audits Auctions
mes registration service in chennai

mes registration service in chennai
Types of Civilian Cadres

  • Engineering Cadre
  • Surveyor cadre
  • Architect Cadre
  • BSO (all being qualified engineers)
  • Administrative cadre.

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mes registration service in chennai

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