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gem registration service in chennai

What is GEM?

GeM is the symbol for a one-stop government e-marketplace run by DGS&D where common users can buy products and services. GeM is a dynamic, self-sufficient, and user-friendly site allowing government employees to make purchases.

Public procurement reform is one of the current government's key priorities because it plays a significant role in government activity. Government e-Marketplace (GeM - gem.gov.in) is a very audacious move by the government to change how government ministries and departments, public sector undertakings, and other top autonomous organisations of the central government acquire products and services.

Purpose of GEM:

The goal of GEM is to increase public procurement's openness, efficiency, and speed. In order to help governments, get the most for their money and effectively employ taxpayer funds, it offers the tools of e-bidding, reverse e-auctions, and demand aggregation.

Who can sell On GEM?

Product & Services can be sold easily on the GeM online marketplace directly to government buyers, without any bid participation if the value of the product is less than INR 50,000/-

What is Public contracting?

Government agencies, like private businesses, must purchase goods and services for their administrative and operational requirements.

Public procurement (government tenders) is the method used by the federal, state, and PSU governments to purchase goods and services from independent retailers and producers.

As government procurement must adhere to tight guidelines to ensure that the purchasing process is fair, effective, transparent, and minimises public resources on-site.

gem registration service in chennai

gem registration service in chennai

5 types of government tenders on GeM ?


  • Advertised Tender Enquiry
  • Limited Tender Enquiry
  • Two-Stage Bidding
  • Single Tender Enquiry
  • Electronic Reverse Auctions

Advantages of Seller in GEM registration:

Assistance in trade All Government departments including Central, State Government and PSUs have to fulfil their purchase requirement only through sellers registered under the GeM portal. GeM registration has a great avenue for private company’s business growth.

Direct Government Purchase Traders can sell their products of value up to ₹50,000/- at fair prices directly to the government buyers without bidding just like amazon and Flipkart.

Special Benefits for Startup’s.There is an option for GeM registration as a start up on the GeM portal having unique and innovative product. The government has relaxed norms to procure goods from new Start up entrants.

Less paperwork There is minimum paperwork required to obtain GeM registration. Moreover, there is an easy and fair process for tender allotment under the GeM portal.

Transparency With online GeM portal- transparency, effectiveness, and speed have been enhanced during the procurement of required goods and services

gem registration service in chennai

gem registration service in chennai
The following documents are required for GEM Seller Registration:

  • Pan card
  • Udyog Aadhar or company registration or LLP requirements
  • Vat/ tin number (of applicable)
  • Bank account & supporting kyc document
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Cancelled cheque copy

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  • gem registration service in chennai
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