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About GeM 3.0

It offers a potent search engine and real-time, multisource price comparison using external websites. It has online vendor evaluation and performance-based user ratings (optional). It bunches and bundles products and services based on the market. Additionally, it gives additional Services with bid and RA Facility and has multi-cart functionality.

Advantages of GeM 3.0

1. Transactions that are wholly transparent at all price points
2. Standard requirements for all government bodies based on the market
3. A free and active market that awards users based on their website activity
4. Using cost comparison and universal service levels, generic criteria were constructed.
5. Standardization of product and service characteristics to allow for empirical pricing comparison

About Gem 4.0

GeM 4.0 seeks to provide a unified system that is more intelligent, better unified, more inclusive. This calls for a technology roadmap that improves every single stage of the user experience on the portal, resulting in unified and seamless user journeys for buyers and vendors. One of the most extensive applications of cutting-edge technology on a government platform exists with GeM 4.0.

The use of modern technology, including business intelligence, natural language processing, smart contracts, and advanced analytics, will be crucial to improving the usability and transparency of the portal. Additionally, it will make it possible for purchasers to manage their procurement planning and monitoring, produce GeM bids from within their own systems, and select what to purchase from GeM.

Advanced feature of GeM 4.0

More MSMEs & small traders are being onboarded through a redesigned bidding module

  1. a competent help desk
  2. Blockchain Statistical analysis
  3. Price-fairness in the new UIPrice-fairness in the new UI
  4. Simple payments Unified Procurement System (UPS) incentives for sellers.