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How To Register On Gem Portal? Let's Clear Our Doubts On What Is A Gem Portal?

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Who are the Gem Seller and the Gem Buyer?

Any Indian government office that wishes to purchase a product for their workplace qualifies as a GeM buyer.

A business owner who wishes to offer their goods or services on the gem portal is referred to as a seller.

We will sign up as a vendor on the gem portal as we are here as a company owner with employees.

Who may register with the Gem Portal?

A business owner who offers a product or service in a category that is listed on the gem portal may sign up there. including writing instruments, clothes, health care equipment, housekeeping services, etc. Owners of all of these businesses can register on the Gem site.

What kinds of documentation are needed to register on the gem portal?

  • Pan cardUdyog Aadhaar or Company Registration or LLP Registration
  • TIN/VAT Number (if applicable)

  • Bank Account and related KYC documentation

  • Proof of identity

  • Proof of address

  • copy of a cancelled check