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ABOUT GEM eMarketpalce

Based on proposals from the Group of Secretaries, the Honourable Prime Minister decided to create a specific online market for the various commodities and services that PSUs, departments, and government organisations purchase. This required converting DGS&D into an online marketplace for buying and selling goods and services. GeM SPV builds, runs, and maintains the GeM p


Vision to influence a change in public procurement that supports a transparent, effective, and inclusive market.   Mission Implementing an uniform procurement policy will promote reform and behaviour modification. Create a dynamic, lean organization that can continuously innovate and make decisions based on the market. Create a user-friendly, fully automa

What Is Government E Marketplace (Gem)?

What Is Government E Marketplace (Gem)? The Government E-Marketplace is a platform that makes it simple for Indian government agencies, associations, and other public sector organisations to purchase goods and services online. This portal's sole objective is to increase public procurement's transparency, effectiveness, and speed. To help government users get the most

How To Register On Gem Portal? Let's Clear Our Doubts On What Is A Gem Portal?

Who are the Gem Seller and the Gem Buyer? Any Indian government office that wishes to purchase a product for their workplace qualifies as a GeM buyer. A business owner who wishes to offer their goods or services on the gem portal is referred to as a seller. We will sign up as a vendor on the gem portal as we are here as a company owner with employees. Who may regist

Advantages of Selling on the Government E-Marketplace

Advantages of Selling on the Government E-Marketplace The Indian government spends thousands of crores each year and is one of the country's largest consumers of goods and businesses. However, because of cumbersome procedures and delays in instalment payments, the majority of SMEs and start-ups in India have been unable to contribute to the government The Government E-Ma

Benefits of GeM

Benefits of GeM The government, sellers, and Indian industry and economy all gain from the government e-marketplace. Let's examine the advantages for various stakeholders: Buyers Provides in-depth posting of items for certain classifications of goods and services Facilitates finding, deliberating, choosing, and purchasing facilities. Allows for the on-demand

Features of GEM Registration

Transparency GeM eliminates the need for a human interaction during seller registration and, taking everything into account, organises position and payment preparation. GeM is an open platform that places no restrictions on legitimate vendors who want to work with the government. SMS and email notifications are delivered to buyers, the buyer's association head, payment e

For what reason would it be advisable for you to enroll on GeM?

Multiple benefits come with joining GeM. The most significant ones are listed here: You are given an immediate means of politely presenting goods and businesses to government agencies and officials. The least amount of promotion is necessary Once you register and present your things, you will legitimately be contacted, eliminating the need for lengthy pauses and labou

Benifits of GeM 4.0

The most recent e-marketplace version is GeM 4.0. The features from the third edition of GeM are expanded upon by this. The following is a list of some of the new features: Sellers will be paid in a timely manner A sophisticated search engine that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) Demand aggregation, in which purchasers can combine numerous orders for th

Gem Versions

About GeM 3.0 It offers a potent search engine and real-time, multisource price comparison using external websites. It has online vendor evaluation and performance-based user ratings (optional). It bunches and bundles products and services based on the market. Additionally, it gives additional Services with bid and RA Facility and has multi-cart functionality. Advantages

History of GEM

The suggestions from two groups of secretaries to the prime minister in January 2016 are where the Government e-Marketplace got its start. Along with restructuring DGS&D, they suggested creating a specific e-market for the many commodities and services that the government or PSUs buy or sell. The Finance Minister subsequently announced the creation of a technology-driven pl

Gem Advantages

BUYERS: Rich product listings for certain Goods/Services categories Search, compare, choose, and purchase tool Online purchasing of goods and services as and when needed. Buying is transparent and simple. System of ongoing vendor evaluations Easy-to-use dashboard for purchasing, tracking purchases, and payments A simple return policy   SELLERS:

Documents for registration of SELLER

FIRM/PARTNERSHIP: 1) Business Name 2) Indicate your willingness to join GEM PORTAL as a seller of either products, services, or both. 3) The company's landline and mobile phone numbers, or the phone number of an authorized person. 4) Business mail ID 5) All partners' AADHAAR and PAN numbers 6) Partnership Agreement 7) Proof of Company Address 8)

What are the purchase options

There are 3 purchase options Direct Purchase Bidding Reverse Auction Direct buying For purchases made in the aforementioned situation: Go to the product screen and click the product comparison option in the top right corner to compare a maximum of four products. choose the item (s). If the purchase price is less than $50,000, the customer may choose any item a

I forgot my Gem portal password-Solution to reset your Password

Do you know the GeM portal password? Do not be concerned. The Gem Portal offers a password reset option. To reset your password on the GeM portal, you must fill out the required information and follow the steps: Please click Login on the https://gem.gov.in/ website. 1. Click the link labelled "Forgot your Password?” 2. . Please notice that you’