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Benifits of GeM 4.0

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The most recent e-marketplace version is GeM 4.0. The features from the third edition of GeM are expanded upon by this. The following is a list of some of the new features:

  1. Sellers will be paid in a timely manner
  2. A sophisticated search engine that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  3. Demand aggregation, in which purchasers can combine numerous orders for the same item for various consignees across numerous organisations within a single ministry.

  4. The user interface has been updated and improved for usability.

  5. Delivery might be staggered or flexible.

  6. The bidding module has been revamped, allowing for consignee- and item-level bidding.

  7. The site incorporates deep learning, AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

  8. The grievance resolution process has been enhanced

  9. By introducing price variance, vendors now have an easier time cataloguing their products.

  10. Simple payment methods that integrate with numerous banks and ERPs

  11. Seller ratings have now been implemented, making it simpler for consumers to make judgments and encouraging sellers to upgrade.

  12. A lot of new categories and services have been added.

  13. Since vendors and buyers can now communicate with one another, there is opportunity for growth and a greater understanding of the market.

  14. .This version includes sections specifically for CPSUs (central PSUs)