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Privacy Policy

The importance of protecting the privacy of our clients and website visitors is something that Tenders Diary Private Limited places a high priority on.

When you must register before using a service, the data acquired is used for billing, generating passwords, and occasionally sending out information that can help you utilize our services more effectively. We will respect your email privacy and never share any visitor or customer information without your permission.

The new GDPR law now applies to all of your data. Your information will only be used for professional, commercial, and informational purposes. According to the privacy policy, your data won't be sold and will only be shared with third parties when you've given your consent. We only collect the data required to get in touch with you and deliver pertinent business information.

We do utilize software that enables us to perform aggregate analyses of the traffic to our websites, but no specific user or client may be identified in any report produced as a result of this study. Simply said, we use this data to better serve our clients and site visitors by making site improvements.

We also employ "cookies," which are little text files that are kept on your computers hard disc and enable websites to recognize you when you come frequently or to store session data as you search a database. You can avoid some of the most monotonous, normal duties related to using our websites thanks to them. Utilizing these files is standard procedure for websites. We don't gather or give the information to any unaffiliated third party for marketing or other purposes; we merely utilize them to increase the functionality of the service we offer. However, you do have the choice to disable cookies in your web browser's settings.

You have the right to obtain a copy of the data we currently have on you at any time, as well as any updates if necessary. Please email info@tendersdiary.com if you wish to do so or if you have any complaints or inquiries regarding our privacy policy.

The ability to cancel a subscription exists before the start of service. The processing of the refund will take seven business days. After the service has been activated, refund requests are not valid. Although we make every effort to deliver accurate service, you are still not eligible for a refund if there is a typo, a late submission, a missed deadline, or a missing piece of information. We give you information as soon as the procuring authority publishes it.