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electrical license services in chennai

How can I get an electrical licence?

Electricians are professional tradespeople with licences who work largely in the installation and upkeep of electrical systems. This includes a broad range of jobs, such as installing lighting and identifying problematic wiring.

Unlike other construction-related careers, becoming an electrician requires a significant amount of training and licensure in order to advance in the field. Here is a closer look at the many electrician licences available and the requirements for obtaining each.

Types of electrical License:

Electrical license is nothing but a government approved/authorized/tested worker/supervisor/ contractor can have ability to do electrical jobs like electrical maintenance, electrical installation, supervising etc.

Different Types of Electrical License in Tamilnadu:

What is C License:

C license is nothing but a competency certificate that will be issued by the Chief Electrical Inspectorate to the Government for performing electrical contracts, supervision of electrical work, wiremen for electrical work, wireman helper for wire man, etc.

electrical license services in chennai

Wireman helper License: License ‘H’

The assistant to the electrical wiremen is the owner of the license. For this license, ITI Electrical is sufficient. This permit is only good for five years. The application form is available for download here. Demand draught payment amount: Rs. 250. It doesn't require any prior knowledge.

License for Wireman: License "W"

The ITI wiremen helpers who have worked as helpers for more than five years and who have more than five years of electrical experience are eligible for a wireman license. It is a wireman assist to wireman updated license version. Rs. 500 is the required fee to get a wireman license.

Electrical Wireman helper to Wireman License: ‘B’ License

Any of ITI technician can apply for this license but the applicant should have a wire man helper license ‘H’ license. This is only for a qualified wireman helper, who has worked more than 5 years as a wire man helper. You should pay Rs 200/- as the demand draft.

Electrical maintenance Contractor License ‘EB’ license:

With an EB license in Tamilnadu, we can take work from any of the electrical maintenance contractors below sub-contractor (ESB) and Grade A contractor (EA) and under 50 KW. It is the first level of an electrical contractor license.

You can apply for these electrical contract licenses for small building electrical services and the applicant should have 25 years old and should have passed the 8th standard. The amount to be paid to get a work contractor license is Rs. 2500/-.


Electrical Subcontractor licence: ‘ESB’ License

The contractor who is capable of handling electrical work under 650 Volts is the owner of this license. Additionally known as an EB subcontractor license. The cost to obtain this subcontractor license is Rs. 4000.

The applicant must be 25 years old and have completed the eighth grade; if you do not have any of the aforementioned certificates (W, H, or S), you must obtain the necessary consent from the certificate holder. [wp ad camp 2]


License for Electrical Grade A Contractor: EA license

A medium voltage electrical contractor license known as an EA allows its holder to do the electrical installation, repair, and other tasks up to a voltage of 22 kV. Additionally, license holders are permitted to assign their contract work to ESB and B-level contractors.

The license holder cannot accept work on electrical systems with a voltage higher than 22 kV at the same time. Demand draught payment of Rs. 12,000 is required, and you must have a bank solvency certificate valid for up to Rs. 50,000.


ESA Grade License for Electrical Super Grade Contractor

A super grade electrical license allows the holder to perform electrical work at any voltage level (No voltage limit). The required payment is Rs. 20,000, and the applicant must present a bank solvency proof for Rs. 100,000.


Electrical License P: Competency Certificate for Operating & Maintaining Power Generating Stations:

Electrical and mechanical engineers who operate in power-producing plants fall under this licensing category. The electrical or mechanical applicant must possess a diploma or a BE certificate in order to obtain this license.

This license requires a payment of Rs. 750. You should send any certificates you have received from training facilities the Central Electricity Authority has approved.

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