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Tamil Nadu Public Works Department:

The Public Works Department Buildings Organization builds and maintains buildings for numerous government departments, including those responsible for education, health, family welfare, transportation, corrections, fire protection, and revenue, as well as those in charge of agriculture, animal husbandry, dairying, and fishing, tourism, the arts, and culture, labour, and social welfare. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and expertise gained through years of practise, the Public Works Department offers safe government buildings high-quality services at affordable prices.

With 153 years of experience building and maintaining government structures, the Public Works Department is one of the government's oldest service departments. Our engineering prowess is evident in the numerous structures and monuments we have built. By embracing the current trend of governance, the organization advances in providing better services to the public. With this long-term perspective, the Department is making every effort to deliver services more effectively. The Buildings Organization ensures structural safety for all public structures by utilizing cutting-edge technology and adhering to Indian Standard Code requirements. PWD protects all government-controlled monuments and historic structures by preserving their architectural, aesthetic, historic, archaeological, and salient symbolic values.

Validity of PWD Registration?

The validity of registration certificates is three years from the start of the fiscal year in which they are issued, after which they may be extended for additional three-year periods.

Classification of PWD Tender:
  • Open Tender
  • Sealed Tender
  • Limited Tender
  • Single Tender
  • Rate Contract
Classfication Of Contractors
  • Class – I : Above Rs.75 Lakh
  • Class – II : Upto Rs.75 Lakh
  • Class- III : Upto Rs.30 Lakh
  • Class- IV : Upto Rs.15 Lakh
  • Class- V : Upto Rs.6 Lakh


PWD Contractor License:

PWD is a central government work department used to provide all kinds of public works in India. To get PWD Tender, customer needs PWD Contractor License which is used to build roads, flyovers and bridges.

There are two types of PWD Contractor License

  • This License is for Unemployed Engineer and government keeps small reserve works for this License. Any Civil Engineer can apply for this License after completion of diploma +10 Years’ Experience or degree (No experience needed), afterwards you can to upgrade your license to Contractor License as per class.
  • This License is for Construction Company on which can get big construction works
Why PWD Registration so important for your business?

  • PWD registration is very important for business supplies because the tender belongs to the government sector and competition is stiff.
  • PWD tender is a source that can open business opportunity all across the world through online, hence it is considered as a very important business document
  • PWD tender registration is used for inviting services or supply products from service providers or suppliers.
  • Once online business tender reached the market, the scope of having multiple options of suppliers and service providers has increased to a great deal.
  • PWD registration brings lots of business opportunities in various industries by choosing cost, time and quality of the organizations.
  • PWD is one of the departments which are used for planning, maintaining and developing the major cities like building proper roads, schools and hospitals.
  • PWD registration is used for the requirement of various constructions related services and office supply materials.
  • Suppliers and service providers produce a lot of interest in government tenders because government receive the most number of bids coming for a specific project.
  • PWD tenders are considered as a good source of income; hence the service providers always keep eying those tenders and make the competition high.
Uses – PWD Registration?

  • PWD registration is issued for the work of supply materials to governmental projects like construction of bridges, dams, roads, highways and the residential and non-residential work.
  • PWD Online Tender provides better service delivery to the government of people by adapting to the present technology and trends of e-governance.
  • PWD Building Organisation ensures structural safety of the public buildings through a long term vision by presenting latest building architecture designs and technologies.
  • PWD Tender Tamil Nadu strictly follows the specification of Indian Standard Code.
  • The Central Government provides PWD tender across each state to protect all the monuments and heritage buildings which belong to the central government.
  • PWD registration tender ensure by protecting the state wise architectural aesthetic, Historic archaeological and prominent symbolic values.
  • PWD registration tender ensure the government by giving good quality service at reasonable cost by adopting evolved practices and advanced modern technologies.
PWD Registration Requirements for Contractors
  • "GSTIN," or Goods and Service Tax Identification Number.
  • The Revenue Department's Solvency Certificate for movable items must be at least 30% of the class of registration being requested.
  • The Revenue solvency along with the most recent Auditors balance statement should be in the name of the person wishing to register (or) one of the partners, if it is a firm or company.
  • Ability to pay for projects, as evidenced by a Certificate of Cash Transactions with the Bank over the Previous Year
  • knowledge of building activities and irrigation.
  • Plants and tools are available to them.
  • They have technical personnel with them for work supervision.
  • The solvency certificate included with the promotion to the next class will serve as the
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