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Schemes of the NSIC

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The main objective of NSIC is to aid, promote, and encourage the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India under various schemes such as:

  • Marketing Intelligence Services

  • Performance and Credit Rating Scheme

  • Raw Material Assistance

  • Consortia & Tender Marketing Scheme

  • Single Point Registration Scheme

  • Credit Facilitation through Bank, etc.

Single Point Registration Scheme

Government is the largest purchaser of a variety of goods of small- scale sector. Therefore, the general purpose of this scheme is to increase the share of purchase from the small-scale industries under the Government Stores Purchase Programme, launched in the 1955- 56. These industries can participate in these purchase programmes by registering under the NSIC through the Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS).

Credit Facilitation through Bank

The NSIC has entered a Memorandum of Understanding with numerous Nationalized and Private Sector Banks. Through these associations with banks, the NSIC facilitates MSMEs with financial support. Moreover, the NSIC takes full responsibility for assisting the completion of  documentation and submitting them to the banks and even does the follow up from the banks. Furthermore, these services are provided free of cost to the small-scale industries. 

Raw Material Assistance

The government provides financial support for the purchase of raw materials by small- scale industries under the Raw Material Assistance Scheme (RMA). The purpose behind this is to focus on and increase the quality of the products manufactured by these industries.

Consortia & Tender Marketing Scheme

The major objective of the corporation is to promote the products manufactured by the Micro and Small entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the products can be promoted either individually or collectively through ‘consortium’. Accordingly, a scheme was developed for this purpose, namely, the Consortia & Tender Marketing Scheme.

Marketing Intelligence Services

The aim of this scheme is to promote the business horizons of Indian MSMEs through Marketing Intelligence Web Portal. The Marketing Intelligence Cell collects and analyses data to determine the potential customers, determine the current and future needs and preferences, behaviours and attitudes of the market. Also, the vision of the government through this scheme is to assess the changes in the market and find opportunities in the future market.

There are many other schemes by NSIC like National Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Hub, MSME databank, and conduction exhibitions for promoting the marginalized sections of the society and small-scale and associated sector in India.